The Statement


Unless it came on a stock, mass produced vehicle, it is NOT LEGAL UNLESS SPECIFIED HERE! If it came on a stock, mass produced vehicle and it is prohibited here, it is NOT LEGAL! All dimensions are referenced as the car is raced. Your tire pressures, spring settings, ect. May put your car out of limits. No variances are allowed when / if the cars are checked / weighed going onto the track. Following the race, decisions on variances for accident is at the discretion of the Tech Inspector(s).


: These cars are primarily for NEWER drivers to V8 cars. There are a large number of stock parts. If you have won a feature in a late model style car in the last 10 years, you can NOT drive in this class.


Any Chrysler, Ford or GM model car that was / is mass-produced for the United States Market. Check with track before you build.


No ceramic or carbon fiber parts allowed.


One, mounted in front of the engine for the purpose of cooling water and, optionally, to cool an automatic transmission.



Stock location for Make / Model / Year.

Option 1

Properly Sealed GM 602 Crate Motor in any make car. (Must run 500cfm Holley 2 barrel)

If you put a 602 Crate Motor in any other classic besides GM, contact Tech Man for engine location.

Option 2

Engine MUST pull 16 inches of Vacuum @ 1,000 RMPs, NO MORE than 180lbs compression. No Vacuum Pumps.


: Corporate engine must match the corporate frame, any year ok. LIFT: Must not exceed .450 lift as measured at the top of the valve. Block: Stock based, steel, small block not to exceed 362 ci. Must be stock bore (+60 ok) and stroke. NO strokers / hybrids (no383ci Chevys, No 347 Fords, ect.) All engine casting numbers stamped on the engine must be unaltered. CAM: Chain driven LIFTERS: Solid or hydraulic. No rollers or mushrooms. No ceramic. PISTONS: Dished or Flat. No Domes RODS: OEM length. Example: SBC must be 5.7 inch I-Beam rods No 6 Inch rods. No H-Beam rods. HEADS: OEM iron heads. Vortec heads ok. OEM style stamped steel rockers. No roller rockers. No roller tipped rockers. Screw in studs and guide plates OK. No Porting/ Polishing. VALVES: Maximum of 2 valves per cylinder. Max intake is 1.94. Max exhaust is 1.50. CARBURETOR: One carb. 500 cfm two barrel Holley with stock, unaltered, throttle arm and butterflies. Choke plate may be removed. Choke housing must remain in place. Power valve may be removed/blocked off. The accelerator pump squirter may not extend into the area directly above the venturi (Tech Purposes). Recommend Epoxing the boosters for safety. CARB CLAIM: Any car owner of a car in the FEATURE RACE may claim the carburetor of any car finishing ahead of the claimers car in the FEATURE RACE for $300 and swap of claimers carb. Only 1 Claim per year. (Tech Inspector(s) will have final say so if carb is in shape to swap).


No Porting / Polishing. OK to drill the intake to mount on Vortec heads. Any steal or aluminum intake. NO HIGH RISE.


No more than 1 adapter and no more than 1 spacer a combined total of 1 inch thick. May be Aluminum, Wooden or Plastic.


No vacuum lines allowed between the air cleaner and the carburetor. Only one, round, mass produced air cleaner may be used. Maximum size of the element will be 14in in diameter by 4 inches tall. Air cleaner top and bottom must be made of solid metal. NO PLASTIC AIR HATS.


Battery operated. OEM electronic ignition system such as HEI required. Distributor must be mounted in the stock location and maintain the stock firing order. No crank / triggered ignition. No ignition boxes.


: If used, must be 12 volt and of OEM design.


After market to include fluid damper ok.


Must be at stock location for make and model. Engine has to be in stock location on frame.


Full size or Mini Starter okay. MUST HAVE STARTER.


After market ok.


Stock for make/model. : After market power steering pumps and steering quickeners are okay.


: Other items must be OEM style but may be after market items.


: Any titanium or other similar sophisticated lightweight parts. Mounting the engine so that the centerline of the crankshaft is more than 1in from the center point between the 2 top ball joints.


Racing gasoline OK. No after market additives. No cool cans. See the safety rules on the required fuel cell.


Must exit approximately parallel to the ground and not be aimed in the direction of the cockpit. Any cast iron manifold. Headers OK with 1 5/8 in primaries and 3 in collectors. No over the frame or crossover headers. Each side must include 36 in of 2 in pipe.


OEM steel only. OEM dimensions


Single disc clutch only 10 ½ in minimum. No aluminum flywheel. Stock type flywheel to weigh no less than 14lbs., stock type pressure plate no less than 13lbs., stock disc type clutch and flywheel required. Stock torque converter 13in required with automatic transmission. Transmission may have shift kit installed, 1/4in steel plate surrounding stock bell housing or blow proof bell housing required. No racing clutches are light flywheels, or small torque converters, or racing torque converters are allowed. Functioning torque converters must weigh 38lbs minimum.


OEM steel. Universal joints are to be similar in design to OEM units. Minimum drive shaft diameter is 3 inches.


Ford 9″ OK in any make. When using 9″ Ford make sure brackets are in stock location. IF any questions about stock location, call track BEFORE you weld brackets on. OEM 5 or 6 lugs OK after strongly considering installing C-Clip eliminators or other provisions such as that breaking a rear axel dose not cause the axel to come out of the housing.


Minimum of 2 rear and 1 front brake. No floating brakes.


: May use 2 batteries. If battery is located in drivers compartment it must be in an enclosed battery box and securely fastened. No bungee cords or ratchet straps. NO EXCEPTIONS. Must power the starter and the ignition and any accessories.


OEM for Make / model / Year of the body.


Must be as manufactured for the Make / Model / Year. Minimum Wheel Base 106″. A one-inch tolerance may be allowed at the direction of the Technical Inspector for accident damage the day of race.


OEM style for Make / Model. No Rack and pinions unless OEM Equipped.


OEM.Right, upper A-arm and all steering linkage may be reinforced as long as their identity remain clear. OEM style and dimensions racing shocks allowed. Shocks

MUST use the OEM mounts and remain in their OEM location. NO SCREW JACKS. OEM style and dimension racing springs allowed. Springs must remain in their stock mounts and locations. For coil spring cars you may use 5-inch springs. Chrysler torsion bar suspension is permitted if it was stock on the year and model designated for the car. No driver adjustable suspension devices permitted.


OEM. Shocks must use the OEM mounts and remain in their OEM location. NO SCREW JACKS. OEM style and dimension racing springs allowed. Springs must remain in their stock mounts and location. For coil spring cars you may use 5-inch springs. Chrysler torsion bar suspension is permitted if it was stock on the year and model designated for the car. OEM design leaf spring setups in which the springs are securely fastened to the rear end are OK. No driver adjustable suspension devices permitted. No “Z” links, aftermarket panhard bars, aftermarket J-bars, torque links, torque arms, damper shocks, fifth coils, ECT.


Other than listed under REAR SUSPENSION, no other traction devices are permitted.


OEM production body, 1960 or newer. Complete stock body, unaltered except as stated here. Hoods may be gutted. Firewall must be completely stock and in the stock location. No open holes in firewall (seal Penetrations). Maintain the stock floor from firewall rearward to the leading edge of the trunk. There must be a firewall between the driver’s compartment and the trunk. NO decking allowed, must have open cockpit from firewall to rear firewall. All doors must be welded and / or bolted shut. Exterior door sheet metal may be replaced with fabricated sheet metal panels. Doors may be gutted. Install 3 driver’s sidebars, with 1/8″ steel plate covering the door bars from front to back and top to bottom welded in place on outside of bars (Strongly Recommended). Install a minimum of 2 right side bars. The frame rails do not count as the door bars. See the safety rules for other items. Front inner panels optional on shock cars, required on strut cars. Trunk lid may be gutted. All glass must be removed. No mirrors. Grill may be replaced with wire mesh. Must have stock bodylines. Must have a metal firewall between driver and fuel cell. No fuel line in drivers compartment unless contained in conduit / pipe. Fenders may be cut for tire clearance. Front fender well may be removed. Rear fender wells must be sealed, homemade OK. The rear of the car must be closed in.


Aftermarket plastic nose for Make / Model OK. Front grill may be removed if such nose is installed.


OEM for Make / Model OK. Fabricated Late Model type front bumpers may be used if professionally built and properly installed. No sharp edges. Ends must be modified with tubing to produce a backward bend. Maximum bumper width is 60 inches. May not extend more than 3 inches outward from the attachment point of the last support / brace that attaches at a 45 to 90 degree angle. 1 upper and 1 lower bar of no more than 1 inch tubing no more than 60 inches wide may be added to the bumper to support the nosepiece. These bars may be no wider than the bumper and must have ends that curve backward and may curve upward or downward towards the bumper. Bumper ends must be smooth and rounded and stay within the bodylines. All bumper material mounts; braces and hardware must be steel and / or aluminum.


May have an opening for the air cleaner. The claimed engine size must be displayed on each side of the hood reading from the closet side of the car. Use letters at least 3 inches tall with the length proportional to the height.


Stock appearing. No spoilers or wings. The left and right edges of the roof are to be approximately the same height from the top of the doors and quarter panels. No more than 1 inch tolerance. The left and right side support panels for the roof must be the same design and front to back length.


See the section on SAFETY. No part of the seat may extend rearward past the plane generated by connecting the rear most edges of the doors. Aftermarket GAS pedal OK. (May be relocated) Stock brake and clutch pedals in stock location. Must retain OEM window openings.


Required. May be gutted. Must be able to be opened.


Any Make / Model OEM OK. Fabricated OK if approved by Tech. Ends must be smooth. Must be attached to the frame or roll cage in at least 4 places, 2 on each side of centerline.


Not allowed, PERIOD. ( If your car came with one take it OFF).


15X8 Steel wheels only. No wide fives. Must mount with at least 5 lug nut design. Mud caps OK.


No Bead Locks.


Hoosier H500 or 60 Series Radial D.O.T. NO MUD GRIPS.


All cars must weigh 3400 pounds with driver on board.

***HIGHLY RECOMMEND You are allowed to have two seats in car for a passenger, you MUST have proper door bars in right side of car and proper safety seating. If you have a passenger and WIN a race you will get a $50.00 BONUS.

Any Passenger Under 18 years of age MUST Be approved by Tech Official.



FEATURE WINNER WILL START AT THE REAR AT THE NEXT EVENT Driver will start on the rear of the next event or the next time driver races.

Note: This does not apply if it is a Special Race.