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Track Technical Director — Jonathan Donahoe — 601-845-6936 If no answer please leave a message.


1. If at any time there is a doubt about a part being legal for competition, you must prove to the officials that the part is legal.2. Anyone declared illegal or Disqualified by tech officials will lose all winnings for that night, plus all points accumulated prior to the time of the infraction.

  1. Track officials will act upon any situation not covered by the rule book and their decision shall be final.
  2. The track management reserves the right to change, update, modify, add, or delete any rules without prior notification with regards to providing fairness of competition.
  3. All drivers, car owners, mechanics, or anyone else must sign a release and purchase an armband before entering the pit area. This armband must be worn on your wrist at all times. Offenders will not be allowed to enter the pit area.
  4. Track officials reserve the right to forbid any individuals from Jackson Motor Speedway property.
  5. No driver or crew member shall subject any track official to abuse, ridicule, or foul language at anytime; on or off the track.
  6. No drugs or firearms are allowed in the pit area of track properties. Offenders will be ejected from the premises immediately.
  7. The driver is held responsible for the conduct of his crew members. The driver will be the sole spokesperson on all matters concerning the race and must talk to the officials in charge.
  8. Officials reserve the right to move a driver from one class to another, based on the type of car, and/or his driving performance.
  9. Mandatory driver’s meetings attendance is required. All drivers must pack the track when needed.
  10. Drivers can compete in more than one class per race event with Race Director’s approval.
  11. Drivers may change cars at any time between qualifying/heats/B-Main and the start of the Main Event at the discretion of the Race Director. However, any change will result in the driver starting in the rear of his heat race, B-Main or Main Event. It is the driver’s responsibility to notify track officials of any desired change.
  12. Officials may inspect all participating race cars at any time. Cars with minor rule variance may be granted permission to race by agreeing to make such changes by next race event. Weight will be added at the Technical Inspector’ discretion to allow nonconforming cars to participate. No rules variance shall be granted for Championship events.
  13. If any unnecessary roughness on the track causes the race to be stopped, the persons involved may be sent to the pits, sent to the rear of the race field, or disqualified.
  14. No nitrous oxide in any class.
  15. To insure proper scoring, all car numbers must be 24″ in height and 3″ in width. All cars should be clearly numbered on each side and on the top (top number position should be read from the right passenger side of the car).
  16. Track officials reserve the right to change any car number to avoid duplication.
  17. Only drivers can sign for/collect nightly winnings.
  18. No payment will be made until the Race Director approves the finishing order.
  19. Toe hook/chain is mandatory for the front and rear of all cars. This will speed up the tow time, in order for the wrecker to get the track cleared and resume the race. There will be a one-week grace period.

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  1. Cars entering and exiting the pits must travel at a slow, safe rate of speed.
  2. All drivers must wear a certified full-coverage crash helmet.
  3. Complete fire-resistant suits are highly recommended for all drivers.
  4. It is recommended that all entrants have a fully charged fire extinguisher in their cars at all times.
  5. All weights must be securely mounted inside or on the frame of the car.
  6. All cars must have a safety loop on the drive shaft at the front.
  7. A safety net on the window is recommended, and three (3) bars in front of the steering wheel is recommended. All safety nets must have a top quick release.
  8. Roll cage required.
  9. Safety racing belt and shoulder harness is mandatory on all cars.
  10. Gas tanks or fuel cells may be relocated for safety in all classes. Fuel cells are recommended in all classes.
  11. Track officials and emergency crews are the only people allowed on the track during yellow or red flag periods. This is for safety only. Only authorized personnel are allowed on the track or in the infield.
  12. Drivers must never exit their cars while on the race track unless their car is upside, on fire or in any other dangerous position. In all other situations, if the driver is needed to exit the car a track official will let the driver know.

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  1. It will be the driver’s responsibility to be lined up prior to the start of the race in the staging area. If the car is not on the track after one (1) pace lap, it will start at the rear of the line-up. Line-ups will be posted at specified areas in the pits.
  2. Courtesy laps may be allowed based on Race Director’s discretion.
  3. Any driver that stops his car on the track to argue or otherwise delay or disrupt the race maybe disqualified and fined.
  4. Cars in all classes that start the races on the front row will have one (1) chance for a green flag start. After 1 start cars, may be moved back one row. Exceptions may be used if cars in the field are out of position or if any unsafe conditions exist on the track.
  5. Any driver who comes to a stop during the first lap, and in the opinion of the Officials, has done so deliberately to cause a re-start , will be put to the rear before the race is re-started. Any driver who spins out unassisted on the initial start will be put to the rear before the race is restarted.
  6. In the event of either a Caution or a Red Flag, after (1) lap has been scored, any car that goes into the Pits will rejoin the Field at the rear. In the event of a Caution or a Red Flag on the starting lap, drivers may enter the pits for repair, and assume their original grid positions, provided that they will have regained the Track before the one to go signal has been given. In all cases, either starts or restarts, if one lap to go signal has been given, those rejoining after the signal must join the Field at the rear.
  7. Field line up will revert to last completed and scored lap order after a red or yellow flag.
  8. Lapped cars will be placed at the tail end of the line up.
  9. Any car, which causes a caution flag two (2) times in any race (heat or feature), will be warned with a black flag. The driver will be disqualified from the race after causing three (3) cautions. A two (2) caution disqualification rule may be invoked for special events, at the race Director’s discretion. Race Director may invoke one (1) caution rule anytime deemed necessary.
  10. Race Director reserves the right to conclude a race at any time. Race Director has the right to invoke time limits for all events at any time. Race Director reserves the right to shorten or lengthen number of laps scheduled for heat and /or feature events at any time.
  11. Any driver who does not obey the flag rules may be disqualified.
  12. Drawing determines you’re starting position for the heat race or feature event. How you finish the heat race, determines your start position for the feature race. Track reserves right to have drawing for field inversion. Track has authority to handicap previous week’s winner’s starting position in feature event. Drivers that win 2 features in a row or more may be required to start at the rear of the last heat for the driver’s respective class, the following event.
  13. Championship races: Track may change regular format (qualifications and number of laps) for Championship races. Track may awards double points for Championship events.
  14. No work allowed on cars by unauthorized individuals on track during a caution flag.
  15. No work will be done on cars during red flags. During a yellow flag caution, a car may stop at The Body Shop for track officials to check car damage. If help is needed, the track workers will render that help. No one is allowed beyond the fence. If ANY team helper/ crew chief, etc. is caught beyond this point, the driver of the car is responsible and may be disqualified.
  16. On a single file restart, the lead car fires at cone-no passing before the cone. Drivers passing before the cone may be disqualified, placed one lap down, or placed to the end of the filed based on Race Directors discretion. The flagman starts the race at the cone on double file start. Race Director reserves the right to use double file restart at any time, for any class.
  17. Slower cars given the “move over” flag must move out of the preferred racing groove or hold line.
  18. Top three (3) cars must weigh immediately after heat and/or feature event. Exceptions will be stated for special events. Pound scale variance allowed.
  19. Race receivers mandatory in all classes.

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  1. NO equipment will be considered approved by reason of having passed through inspection unobserved.
  2. If at any time there is a doubt about a part being legal for competition. YOU must prove to officials that the protested part is legal.
  3. Technical protests will be made after the feature event only. Only a participant in the said race may file a technical protest. All protests must be filed immediately after the event finish. Protest must be made in writing with SPECIFIC protest issues described. Inspection shall begin within 30 minutes after the protest has been filed, or the protested car/participant will be disqualified. Failure or refusal to tear down will result in immediate disqualification and forfeiture of all prize money, awards, and points for that event.
  4. Only cars that finish on the lead lap and in the top 5 are allowed to protest. No spite protests. Drivers may only protest cars that finish in FRONT of them. No reverse protests allowed.
  5. Drivers are allowed one (1) attempted and or executed technical protest per year.
  6. Each separate technical protest must be accompanied by a $250 cash protest fee for the top of the engine (heads, carburetor, bore and stroke, etc.) and/or a $250 cash fee for the bottom of the engine (rods, crankshaft, etc.) $500 cash protest fee for complete tear down. To P and G (check cubic inches), protest fee is $100 cash. All technical protests accompanied by $250.00 cash with disbursement of $200.00 to the protest winner and $50 to the track. All technical protests accompanied by $500 cash with disbursement of $400 to the protest winner and $100 to the track. Track retainage of the protest fee will go to the speedway, regardless of the protest outcome. The only individuals allowed examining engine or parts protested are the driver being protested and an assistant, the driver protesting and an assistant, and the Technical Inspector. The Technical Inspector’s decision is final.
  7. Track officials reserve the right to tech, spot check, or examine cars at any time.
  8. Track officials reserve the right to accept or not accept protests at their discretion.
  9. Scoring protest, made by drivers only, must be made 10 minutes of official posting after your final event of the evening. There will be no protest after the 10 minutes time period. The finish sheet will be official.

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