To the Fans, Drivers, Car Owners, Sponsors and Employees of Jackson Motor Speedway:

Our 2012 season has come to an end here at Jackson Motor Speedway. It has been an action packed season of racing that saw the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series visit Jackson for the first time ever and put on a great show. We were able to hold two Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series events, 3 other unsanctioned Super Late Model events that included the 2nd Annual All American 50, two I-20 Modified Showdown events, two I-20 Crate Challenge events, one Super Street special, the 5th Annual Jason Robbins Memorial, and a Cajun Sprint Car Series event.

This season Mother Nature was tough on us. Rain-outs were plentiful but we were still able to hold several special events for the Super Late Models, Nesmith Crate Late Models, Open Wheel Modified, and the Street classes.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the area tracks that have worked with us all year. It has been a great partnership with Rodney Wing and Whynot Motorsports Park with the I-20 Crate Challenge and the I-20 Modified Showdown. These mini-series have worked out well to help draw great car counts and fans to our respective tracks and, in my opinion, is an ideal model of how tracks work together to make sure that competitors have opportunities to compete for raised purses at a feasible cost to the tracks. The two I-20 mini-series paid out over $6500 in bonus money this year. We also were able to do a combination weekend with my good friend Johnny Stokes at Magnolia Motor Speedway. We were able to book MSCCS events on the same weekend and it seemed to work out well. And last, but not least, Greenville Speedway and Jackson worked well together this year to help promote special events at our respective tracks. Wesley and James always made sure that their weekly competitors knew about special events at JMS. These are the type partnerships that tracks need to have to remain viable in today’s economy. We all have to work together just to keep our companies in the black and continue to move forward year after year.

To the Jackson Motor Speedway fans: I cannot begin to tell all of you how much I appreciate your continued support of Jackson Motor Speedway. We are continuing to look at more special events that will keep you guys excited about racing in this area and help draw some new fans to the sport of dirt track racing.

To the employees of Jackson Motor Speedway: it is definitely a team effort to pull off a night of racing. All of us have full time jobs and families that require a lot of our time and I am grateful to each of you for making time to work at Jackson Motor Speedway. Although some nights can get tough and long at times, I always know that I have a dedicated team of employees that work very hard to make the show at Jackson the best it can be.

To all the drivers, team owners and pit crew members: you are the ones that the fans pay their hard-earned money to come see race. I believe the competition level and talent at Jackson Motor Speedway is some of the best around and you guys show that every time we open the gate with the great racing program that all of you put on. It is my hope to continue to draw new sponsors to our track to continue to grow the special events in 2013. I look for the 2013 schedule to be one that we all will be proud of and will provide each class with special events.

And last but definitely not least: the Jackson Motor Speedway family of sponsors. Above all, I cannot express my sincere gratitude to each of you for choosing Jackson Motor Speedway as an avenue of advertising each of your respective companies. 2012 saw several new sponsors join our family of sponsors and I know we are working hard already on 2013 to attract even more new sponsors. To those of you that have been long time sponsors at Jackson Motor Speedway your continued support is very much appreciated. You know that race tracks just cannot make it in today’s economy without you. Thank you for your support of Jackson Motor Speedway.

A couple of other topics to touch on. First, Jackson Motor Speedway will be open in 2013 past the Lucas Oil event on April 5th. We are already hard at work on our 2013 schedule. We have already booked the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series on April 5, 2013 and are currently in talks with a couple of other series about potential dates for 2013. I look for several Super Late Model Specials along with our continued partnership with Whynot Motor Sports Park for the I-20 Crate Challenge events and the I-20 Modified Showdown events. The Cajun Sprints will once again be back at Jackson for at least 2 events. We are going to look at once again bringing a National Nesmith Crate event back to Jackson Motor Speedway in 2013. We are also looking at several options for the Street classes. So 2013 is going to be big and I can’t wait to get it all started in April! Second, Super Street and Pure Street drivers and car owners, I will be holding a meeting in November to discuss rules for 2013. I don’t know the exact date just yet for this meeting but I will have it posted on the track website in plenty of time for everyone to make plans to attend.

Again, thanks to all the fans, drivers, car owners, sponsors and employees that help make 2012 a great year of racing at Jackson Motor Speedway and we look forward to seeing all of you in 2013.

Don Cliburn